5 Ways to Bring Your Personal Style into the Yoga Studio

Your personal style is a big deal. After all, you’ve spent years honing in on exactly what it is. Just think about the contents of your closet. There’s that sweater you’ve had for years that always feels like home and that little black dress that makes you feel like you can take on the world. Your personal style is just one way of expressing your personality and telling the world who you are. Why shouldn’t you bring that style into the yoga studio?

Your yoga wardrobe doesn’t have to be all one-style-fits-all black leggings and drab, baggy T-shirts from that work retreat five years ago. With the recent explosion of athletic wear, there are more looks to choose from than ever. With a little extra planning, you can build a yoga wardrobe that perfectly fits your personality. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for your next yoga outfit.

1. Comfort

Yoga apparel is notoriously comfy, made from material designed to move and stretch with your body. Not all leggings are created equal, though. You want to find the perfect cut and fit for your body so that you’re able to move comfortably during your practice. For some people this may mean a high-waisted legging. For others it could mean a pair of loose-fitting joggers. Comfort is a key aspect of style, and nowhere is it more important than in the yoga studio.

2. Colors

When it comes to yoga apparel, basic black and hippy earth tones are so yesterday (unless that’s your thing, of course). Athletic wear now comes in every color under the sun, so you’re sure to find something in your favorite hue. Want to hit the mat in head-to-toe pink? The perfect sports bra and shorts combo for you is definitely out there.

3. Patterns

One of the best ways to show off your personal style in the yoga studio is to incorporate cool prints and patterns into your wardrobe. Designers have branched out to create garments in every pattern imaginable, so you’ll be sure to find one that’s uniquely you. Dreaming of exploring outer space? Slip into a cool pair of galaxy leggings. Ready to go hard on the mat? There’s a camo crop top out there with your name on it.

4. Unique cuts

There’s more to yoga style than stretchy leggings and tank tops. Designers are now creating pieces for their athletic collections that would be just as welcome on the runway as they are in the yoga studio. Try an open-back top to stay cool during a Bikram class or a pair of cut-out leggings for a unique look. With so many options, you’ll be sure to find a look you can easily transition to brunch after class.

5. Take a style quiz!

Still not sure where to go with your yoga style? YogaClub is here to help. Take their  three-minute style quiz to find the yoga look that best fits your personality and lifestyle. Whether you’re a gym rat or just looking for something comfy and stylish for your Saturday errands, we’ll help you find the perfect look.

Want to take things to the next level? Join YogaClub to get hand-curated outfits from top brands like Free People, Columbia and Jala delivered to your door every month. Our stylists will select the perfect outfits for you based on your quiz results, and with so many participating brands, you’ll be sure to find something you love.

5 Yoga Gear Must-Haves

Having the right gear is essential to your yoga practice but not for the reasons you might expect. Having comfortable, well-fitting clothes isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s a necessary component of a comfortable, confident practice. Clothes that are too loose and distracting, or too thin and unsupportive, are all too common in women’s athletic clothing. Similarly, some yoga equipment is flimsy and doesn’t support the growth of your practice. So here we’ve compiled the bare essentials —five yoga gear must-haves for building a stronger practice.

A No-Slip Mat

There are all kinds of yoga mats out there, as you’ve probably noticed, but not all mats are created equal. For fast-moving vinyasa practices (and especially for sweaty hot yoga sessions), it is absolutely essential to have a mat that doesn’t slide along the ground or cause your hands and feet to slip. Not only does a slippery mat increase your risk of injury, it can be incredibly distracting to your peace of mind during practice. Brands like Manduka offer no-slip mats with great traction.

A Restorative Mat

Every balanced yoga practice includes restorative or yin-style yoga to complement the more challenging yang yoga we are accustomed to in Western culture. For this style, it helps to have a thicker, padded mat to support your knees and back. These mats feel spongy and will stay indented for a few seconds when you apply pressure. Thicker mats tend to be slippery, so be sure to use these for seated or reclined stretching rather than for standing poses.

A Long Strap

Contrary to popular belief, straps are not only for beginners or inflexible people. In fact, there’s no reason anyone should shy away from using straps. They can be tremendously supportive to anyone’s yoga practice. Straps can be used for simple shoulder openers at the beginning of practice, or even to support and train the body into alignment in shapes like Boat pose. In addition, they’re a must-have for anyone that wants to loosen up tight inner hamstrings from a reclined position.

Dense Blocks

If you’ve been to a few yoga studios, you’ve probably noticed the variety of blocks available. Some are lightweight and slender, while others are thicker and heavier. And while thicker, dense blocks may be on the pricier side, they are ideal for a few reasons. For one, they provide much-needed stability in balance poses like Half Moon and restorative poses like Heart Bench and Supported Bridge. Because they tend to be wider, they can more easily support students who want to reach a block in forward folds. Dense cork blocks also work great for deepening shoulder stretches (like this!) and are more sustainable for the environment.

A YogaClub Membership

Once you’ve got the equipment you need, the only thing left to do is find apparel you can rely on. YogaClub offers a monthly subscription box tailored to your needs with three options: The Mantra, The Karma and The Guru. Select a box based on your budget and clothing needs. Eliminate frustration and time spent trying on clothes that don’t fit right. YogaClub ensures fresh and simple style, premium brands and seamless comfort — shipped right to your doorstep.

If you’re ready to tap into your own personalized style and save money on yoga gear, start by taking their style quiz.

Work Out & Look Sharp in Athleisure

You live a busy life and are always on the go. Between juggling commitments at school, work, family or any combination of the three, finding time to workout can be tough. Not to mention all the stuff you you need to carry with you! Don’t get bogged down by another bag with your workout clothes, try another solution.

Enter athleisure wear, a forward-thinking fashion trend that combines functionality with comfort and fashion. Gone are the unflattering jazzercise outfits of yesterday. Here to stay are innovative materials perfect for movement and designs made to express your style, wherever life takes you.

Why Athleisure

As the business environment changes, so too does your wardrobe. Shifting work patterns and increased use of remote work, along with a steady relaxation of stuffy corporate wear dress codes, have led to the rise of what Deirdre Clemente, a professor specializing in fashion history at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, tells Business Insider is a “hybrid” of the usual business casual wear and athletic apparel. What’s driving this new fashion category? According to Forbes, it’s millennials who are responsible, in large part, for both the shift in the workplace leading to more informal dress codes and the larger cultural shift in American society toward increased activity and greater health consciousness.

It’s about more than just being comfy at work or showing up to a meeting in sweats. From yoga pants to hoodies to leggings and everything in-between, the all-purpose leisurewear of today has to be multi-functional and fashionable. Your gear should transition seamlessly from the office to the gym to the trail! Fortunately, many retailers have risen to the challenge. Athleisure manufacturers offer unique solutions to millennials’ demand for clothing that not only looks and feels good, but which is economically and environmentally responsible, too.

Our Favorite Activewear Brands

One such brand is Teeki. Featuring flattering and eye-catching activewear, all made from recycled water bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills and oceans. What’s more, Teeki foregoes traditional cloth dyeing, which accounts for up to 20 percent of industrial water pollution. Instead, their printing method uses 90 percent less water, all without risk of contamination.

Speaking of brands committed to sustainable and responsible fashion, meet Threads 4 Thought. Although it launched in 2007 with a small assortment of eco-friendly T-shirts, the company has evolved into what its founders call a “full lifestyle brand” devoted to changing the clothing industry through the use of toxin-free dyes and materials consisting of organic cotton, recycled polyester and sustainable beech wood.

Manduka, has long been one of the most respected players in the yoga accessories game, but now offers amazing apparel, too. Manduka designs all of its products with sustainability top of mind. The brand aims for minimal waste and as small an environmental impact as possible. Manduka makes its clothing from organic cotton, hemp and sustainable wood products like Tencel and Modal Sun, the latter of which even offers sun protection.

Try These Athleisure Brands Yourself!

These brands, along with well-respected names like Free People, Glyder, NUX, Columbia, Onzie, Varley and many others, are all available with YogaClub. YogaClub is a monthly subscription service that offers three membership tiers to bring you the highest quality and most fashionable trends in modern yoga and athletic apparel. But with so many great options, how do you choose? YogaClub has made that easy with their fun and easy style quiz. It only takes about 3 minutes to complete and will match you to the style that’s right for you. Even better, you can choose between multiple subscription types to suit your needs and budget. YogaClub is risk free; you can cancel anytime, and exchanges are quick and easy.

Take the style quiz today and sign up with YogaClub to join the most comfortable fashion revolution.

5 Reasons Why You Need New Yoga Pants

Maybe you’ve finally gone and bought yoga pants, but you stopped after buying after just a single basic pair. Well, it’s time to get back out there and buy another pair … or five! That’s because as it turns out, every woman needs more than one simple pair of yoga pants. Most could benefit from having a wide selection of quality yoga pants to choose from, and here’s why.

1. You Don’t Need See-Through Pants

We’ve all seen those embarrassing photos of people who seem to have no idea their ultra thin pants are totally see-through in the back. The fact is that this is always a risk with discount brands. But if you get the right pair, it’s not a problem, because they’re made with high-quality, reliable material that will get you through the day (or yoga practice) without accidentally showing too much. Once you try out a good pair, you’ll want five more that fit just like it!

2. Plain Black Pants Are Boring

Gone are the days when yoga pants were always basic and black. Now there are so many options for colors and patterns that you never have to wear plain back again (if you don’t want to). So if your only pair of yoga pants is plain black and boring, it’s time to mix up your wardrobe with a few new pairs of leggings featuring bright colors and fun patterns.

3. Yoga Pants Are the New Jeans

It’s true; many women have ditched denim for yoga pants. And why not? Just like jeans, there are enough styles and colors to satisfy everyone’s legging preferences. Plus, yoga pants are now just as accepted in public as jeans are. You can usually get away with wearing them to the store, work, the gym and of course yoga class. You can also wear them to lounge around the house or even take a nap. Basically, anything you can do in jeans, you can do in yoga pants. Plus you can work out — which, let’s face it, you probably don’t want to try in jeans!

4. They’re Just Plain Comfortable

Yoga pants are pretty much the only pants you can wear that fit perfectly every single day of the month. Sure, they fit great when you’ve had a really on-point workout week and you aren’t bloated in the least. But what’s even better is that they look and feel equally great on Thanksgiving…or basically after any day when you’ve ditched your workout in favor of foods that might make you bloated. That’s why every woman needs a few pairs of yoga pants she can wear with confidence any day of the month.

5. They Can Be Styled in Many Ways

Yoga pants go with pretty much everything, which is why they’re acceptable to wear anywhere you go. Styling your yoga pants is easy. If you’re going to the gym, pair them with a stretchy athletic top, a sports bra or a simple T-shirt. If you’re going somewhere that requires you to dress a little more conservatively — such as work or lunch with grandma — cover your butt with a tunic. And if it’s cold outside and you want to be comfortable, wear a yoga sweater with your yoga pants. Your options are endless.

By now it might be obvious that with all these benefits of yoga pants, you definitely need more than one pair! You need several high-quality pairs, and you can easily get them when you sign up for YogaClub. Just choose whether you want one, two or three pieces of yoga attire shipped to you every month, and then fill out the style quiz so you get items you can proudly wear anywhere you go!

6 Steps to Rock the Yoga Mat in Style


Looking for a way to spice up your workout look? Yoga has been around for more than 5,000 years, but fashion trends certainly don’t last that long. Make sure your next Downward Facing Dog or Warrior 2 is flawless with the perfect blend of comfort and style by following some of these steps.


Learn Your Style

Sure, there are plenty of ideas of standard yoga fashion, but that doesn’t mean one size fits all. To really make a splash in the studio, find out what it is that makes your clothing meter tick. Yoga clothes come in a variety of styles, from fierce and fitted to flowy and loose. Start to play around with Pinterest and pin the looks you love. When you start to notice themes develop — bright patterns, solid neutrals, etc. — you’ll have a better idea of what your style really is. Take stock of what’s in your closet and see if it sparks ideas for your next yoga style adventure. Whatever you do, be sure to do you!

Mix and Match

Yoga outfits typically include leggings, tops, bras and even outerwear. This gives you plenty of opportunities to mix and match separates to fit your own design. Think about pairing patterned pants with a solid tops (or vice versa) to bring out certain colors. Take it a step forward and pair two different patterns in coordinating colors for a serious style adventure! Put your own spin on things by switching things up now and again for a real signature style.

yoga pants

Go Name Brand

It can be easy to pick up generic yoga gear at your local department store, but name brand attire comes with name brand quality that lasts. Next time you’re looking for yoga gear, try items from the likes of Glyder, Varley and Onzie to keep you authentically fashionable during your next class. With items made of quality materials, you can rest assured during Savasana that your yoga clothes were made to last.

Try Something New

Seeing the same people week-to-week in your local yoga studio or free outdoor yoga class can get a bit repetitive, like doing one too many Sun Salutations. To shake things up, try yoga attire, you might not have otherwise explored. Look into a subscription service like YogaClub that sends you fresh and new pieces of brand name clothing each month. This way you can expand your horizons (without breaking your budget). You might even be pleasantly surprised by what styles and brands you love!

Shop Responsibly

Many yoga brands know how to make quality clothes without sacrificing the environment or their business ethics. Teeki boasts breathable, wicking attire made from recycled plastic water bottles while Manduka presents a 100 percent transparency policy ensuring honesty in all they do. Another brand we love, Jala seeks out family-owned suppliers and uses processes that cut down on toxic chemical waste. These companies and more are changing the way we think about yoga attire production, and you can try their products at a fraction of the price with a YogaClub membership.

Try a Subscription Box

Whether you’re a professional yogi or about to take your first class, you’ll want to stay cool and comfortable in affordable yoga clothes. Don’t let a lack of modern workout gear keep you off the mat! If you want to stay up to date with popular attire but don’t know where to start, YogaClub’s subscription box is the best way to enjoy brand name clothes at 60 percent off the retail price.

You’ll stay on trend with the hottest threads by filling out a fun and interactive style quiz, which is a great way to ensure that the clothes that arrive in your mailbox fit your unique personality. These yoga clothes might come in a box, but don’t let that box you in! With separates from brands such as Free People and Gaiam, you can easily mix and match your attire to fit the weather — or your mood. Sign up for YogaClub today to receive hand-delivered attire in your mailbox each month. You’ll be rocking that mat in no time!

Fitness Subscription Box Comparison: Fabletics vs. YogaClub

With so many options in activewear out there, making a decision can be really overwhelming. You can go to a department store, athletic speciality store, or opt for the world of online shopping. There’s no doubt that shopping online is the easiest way to go, especially when you can find apparel for lower prices.

Today, we decided to explore two of the biggest names in online activewear and give you a side-by-side comparison at Fabletics and YogaClub. While both companies offer active apparel and follow the monthly subscription model, they’re actually quite different. To fully dive in, we looked at the specific differences between the clothing and experiences of the two leading activewear subscription boxes.  

Fabletics v YogaClub

First, let’s talk experience.

Let’s start with Fabletics — they totally suck you in with their crazy good deals — like two pairs of leggings for $24. How is that actually possible? Well you get what you pay for, but we’ll get into that later. To get started with Fabletics, you take a style quiz. It’s six questions and takes less than a minute to complete. Now, that’s great for time saving, but it doesn’t really customize the experience to you.

So when it comes down to it, Fabletics is more like your typical online retail experience (and doesn’t that defeat the whole point of a subscription box…to save you time and money?). To actually save any money, you have to join Fabletics’ VIP program which automatically charges you for your “membership” each month — whether you purchase clothing or not. And, that can be a real challenge because Fabletics launches new clothing each month. We found that more often than not, those styles just didn’t fit our preferences or we logged in too late each month and all the cute ones were taken. It’s like getting stuck with the bill at a restaurant when all you ate and drank was water and free bread.

With YogaClub we found the process really simple and easy. The savings we were attracted to were the real deal. With all their packages, the math adds up to about 60% off retail value. You can choose a leggings only package (The Mantra) for $45, a two-piece outfit (The Karma) for $69 or a three-piece outfit (The Guru) for $79. You can sign up for a monthly, seasonal or even bi-monthly box, so you can get new workout clothes based on your budget and when you need them (or the workout inspiration) most!

The YogaClub experience began with the style quiz. It takes a few minutes to complete, but is very thorough — down to what patterns you love and where you like to wear your activewear! From there, you put all the work into the very capable stylists’ hands. So instead of wasting time trying to pick things out, you can rest easy and know you’ve got brand names selected just for you on the way!

The Workout Gear

Now let’s get onto the good stuff — the products. Since you’re spending good money to receive yoga apparel, you want it to work for you and your favorite workouts.

On Fabletics’ site, you can search based on the types of workouts you do most. But to be honest, we didn’t see much diversity in apparel. And, the clothing itself was pretty stiff and thick material. Not great for hot yoga or running (two of the advertised activities)! The other major issue we had with Fabletics’ products was the inconsistency in sizing. We can totally get behind inconsistent sizing for subscription boxes when it’s a mixture of brands that have different sizes themselves — like Stitch Fix, Wantable and YogaClub. The fact that Fabletics has inconsistent sizing is just baffling! It’s all the same brand, how does that even happen? Every month they release new styles and patterns which is great, but as we mentioned above we always felt that we were just too late in the game to get the ones we liked in our sizes.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 9.54.18 AM

With YogaClub, the products completely vary. And, they vary because they’ve got relationships and partnerships with tons of amazing brands in the fitness industry. We’re talking Free People, Teeki, Onzie, Electric & Rose, Varley, Gaiam, and more. So you know you’re getting the quality that you need (and usually pay top dollar for). The style quiz you take asks what types of clothing you love as well as what activities you’ll use them for. They use that data to hand curate an outfit for you with the brands mentioned above (and more). The result is a really awesome outfit that you don’t see everyone else in the gym wearing! And it’s totally personalized. The other great thing about YogaClub is the fact that we’ve tried tons of new-to-us brands that we’ve only seen in the studio or Nordstrom rack, but not purchased because of the price tag. Getting great quality yoga apparel at more than 60 percent off retail value is totally worth it.

Customer Service

Before we close our our comparison, we wanted to touch on a point that’s really important to us — customer service. While great service is a must in all industries, it seems to be even more important when it comes to subscription services. When you have a subscription service, you need to have a relationship with the brand because let’s face it — it’s a commitment!

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 9.45.00 AMWith Fabletics we struggled to get a human being on the phone to answer our questions, let alone cancel our subscription! The ease of cancellation was what really put us over the edge with this one, especially since those charges of $49 just kept coming. YogaClub on the other hand was a totally different experience. While you do have to call them to cancel (instead of emailing for security purposes), it was really easy to get in touch with the team. Exchanges are free and super easy, plus we really felt like we were listened to! The customer service team make it really simple to make size changes and even adapted our order based on our sizing in specific brands.

The Verdict

If you’re going to invest the money in a fitness subscription box, go for YogaClub. It’s well worth the money because you’re getting incredible brand names at a fraction of the cost! You’re also getting the value of a personal stylist who handpicks the clothing just for you. And as an incredible bonus, every single box YogaClub delivers provides a yoga class for a child in a low-income school. What’s not to love?

Why I Like YogaClub Better than Fab Fit Fun

Comparing Subscription Boxes: YogaClub vs. Fab Fit Fun


I just received my second YogaClub box in the mail and I absolutely loved my outfit and this subscription service! The style and the quality of the clothing is incredible and I definitely recommend it. I’ve tried other subscription boxes in the past, like Fab Fit Fun and this one tops them all. The style and quality of the apparel I’ve received in my YogaClub box is amazing, and the best part is that you receive it every single month instead of having to wait each season!


What was in my box?


  • A bright pair of leggings. These are so cute and the design and style of these is exactly what I was hoping for. This pair is more of a capri length and I love the fun design and colors.
  • The next thing in my box made me so excited— a sports bra! I really need sports bras and this army green one is amazing. The strap detail on this particular bra is so cute and pairs nicely with the leggings!
  • The final item in my box was this breathable t-shirt. It’s a little sheer on the front and the back is like a netting that would be so perfect for letting your skin breathe during your workout. You can also see the bra through the back of the top which is just an added bonus!

Why I love YogaClub


I loved this box and thanks to YogaClub my yoga wardrobe is growing! I’ve only had one other subscription service before, Fab Fit Fun. My recommendation if you have to choose between the two is to go with YogaClub. Here’s why:

  • You’re getting a hand curated outfit every single month that’s completely personalized to your style!
  • There are three different packages to choose from so you can decide how much clothes you want to receive each month.
  • It’s great for people who are active or really consistent with their workouts because you’re getting apparel that’s perfect for fitness!
  • YogaClub has amazing brands featured in their box. Everything I’ve gotten has been great quality and my last box even included a pair of pants made from recycled water bottles. How cool is that?
  • Did I mention the lower prices? YogaClub’s prices are amazing!

And to compare YogaClub with Fab Fit Fun, the other fitness subscription box I’ve tried. With Fab Fit Fun you’re only getting a box every three months and it isn’t customized to you or your style. I didn’t really like getting a bunch of products that I didn’t end up using. Plus you don’t get a box every month. Definitely something to consider when you’re selecting a subscription box.


I highly recommend YogaClub box because you’re getting great quality clothing! I really enjoyed taking the style quiz on their website and getting something totally customized for me. With YogaClub box you’re getting exactly what you want, when you want it!


For more info on YogaClub, check out my last video here,

What to Wear to Feel Comfortable and Confident in Your First Barre Class

If you’re considering trying out a barre class, you’re not alone. This trendy ballet-inspired workout appeals to everyone from yogis and dancers to walkers and runners. That’s probably because this low-impact exercise combines Pilates, ballet and yoga moves into a workout that sculpts and lengthens the muscles. If that sounds like a class you’re interested in trying, your next step is figuring out what to wear to the first session. Here’s what you need to know before you show up to your first barre class!

Yoga Pants

Barre experts recommend that you wear pants, not shorts, to barre class. This is because you might be using a tube or ball around your legs during the workout, and you’ll need the grip that pants will provide during those moves. Another reason to cover your legs is to keep your muscles warm, which can increase the effectiveness of your workout and reduce the chance of injury. Yoga pants or capris are perfect for the job. If you need to boost your collection of cute, comfortable athletic pants, you can sign up with YogaClub to get a new pair of yoga pants monthly! This subscription service makes it easy for you to enter your size and style preferences, and then you can get everything from one pair of yoga pants to a three-piece outfit every month, all for 60% off retail prices. Sign up before barre class so you can start building your collection of athletic apparel soon.

Sports Bra

A sports bra is a staple of your workout outfit no matter what type of exercise you’re doing, and barre class is no different. However, since most of the movements in barre are very subtle and small, the sports bra doesn’t have to be the most supportive one you own. As long as it’s comfortable enough to wear while you sweat, you’re good. And if you do sign up with YogaClub, note that two of the packages offer complete outfits, meaning you could get a new sports bra each month.


Most people who take barre classes opt to layer a shirt over their sports bra, with a form-fitting tank top being the most popular choice. Choose a shirt with moisture-wicking material to help you stay cool and comfy during the workout. Some barre enthusiasts also wear a lightweight pullover to class, at least during the warmup at the beginning, since the studio may be cold. This may not be the case for your studio, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared, so consider bringing a long-sleeved shirt or pullover just in case. When you sign up for the Karma or Guru monthly box at YogaClub, you’ll get one or two new tops per month to wear to barre class, ensuring you’re always prepared for your next workout.


While some studios allow bare feet or regular socks, most encourage people to wear socks with grips on the bottom. This can keep your feet from slipping off the barre, and of course, it can also help you avoid slipping on the floor. If your YogaClub box doesn’t contain socks this month, you can probably buy some from the studio you go to for your barre class, since many studios sell them.

Now that you know what to wear to barre class, make sure you have enough workout clothes ready to go. After all, barre is known for being downright addicting, so you’re going to need plenty of yoga pants and tops prepared for your classes. YogaClub makes that easy, so sign up today and then fill out the style quiz to get started!

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are stretchy pants created for easy, free-flowing movement during activities such as yoga, Pilates or other physically strenuous activities. They’re all the rage these days, for more than just workouts! Many women have taken to wearing these pants for a wide variety of casual occasions. But how much do you really know about yoga pants? Here’s a short collection of facts about yoga pants you may not have known.

Yoga Pants Are High Tech

The evolution of yoga pants is real. Although many may believe all yoga pants are created equal, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Superior quality leggings now have features such as moisture wicking to reduce sweating, hidden pockets to help trendy yogis on the go carry important trinkets, and some may even be rip or tear proof! In other words, yoga pants are no longer just pants, they are now becoming a functional part of the workout process. In fact, sites such as YogaClub have taken yoga-related apparel to the next level. YogaClub is the premier Athleisure apparel company, carrying superior brands and premium styles for less.

Yoga Pants are Flattering

In addition, one of the main reasons many women love yoga pants is because they are very flattering for figures of all kinds. With an array of styles, each of which helps accentuate your curves while holding the jiggly areas in place, these pants hug you in all the right places and accentuate your curves to boot. For instance, Nux is an athletic brand that prides itself on creating high-quality athletic gear to be work both while working out and during everyday life.

Yoga Pants are Eco-Friendly

There are new, eco-friendly styles from brands like Teeki, Vesteem and Niyama Sol being introduced regularly into YogaClub’s subscription service. With a variety of styles and monthly bundles offered, signing up for YogaClub is an excellent way to gain access to a wide variety of yoga pants styles including the more ethical ones.

For instance, Teeki is an environmentally conscious brand that makes yoga pants from recycled water bottles. Another brand, Vestem, is a very young brand with the goal of revolutionizing yoga apparel. Taking their cues from high fashion, Vestem also makes yoga-inspired skirts, dresses, jackets and full-body jumpsuits. Moreover, Manduka is a trusted brand that has been in existence for 20 years. In addition to highly trendy yoga gear, the company prides itself on being incredibly environmentally friendly and uses recycled materials, such as 100 percent biodegradable natural tree rubber, recycled water bottles, recycled foam, natural cork and more.

Yoga Pants are High Fashion

Additionally, Yoga pants have become high fashion. For instance, Manduka is an example of a massively successful Athleisure brand and has been considered a trailblazer in the yoga industry. On the flip side, up and coming companies such as Vestem are on the cutting-edge, providing fashion forward designs of all kinds. Moreover, brands such as Jala, are also bringing high fashion to Athleisure. Providing premium products all while remaining an eco-friendly organization, Jala prides itself on making workout clothes that are feminine, functional, and fashionable. Onzie is a brand that carries functional, flexible, and flattering gear that promotes mindfulness and simplicity.

How to Join YogaClub

The process is easy. Simply go to the site, take the style quiz, and watch the trendy yoga threads roll in! Additionally, your outfits will be delivered right to your doorstep, you’ll never pay full price, and you can cancel anytime. Ready to join? Namaste.

Looking Great and Feeling Fine in Rain or Snow or Bright Sunshine: A Guide to Seasonal Running Clothes

If you love to run, you’re probably not going to let freezing conditions, a heat wave or anything else stop you from lacing up and hitting the road. Even so, different types of weather and different times of the year call for different running clothes. The advice below may help you decide what to wear as soon as you check out the latest forecast.

In the Cold

If you live someplace that gets frigid during the winter, you’ll obviously want warm apparel, but you won’t want it to be too warm. That’s because you’ll be generating plenty of body heat — and sweat — as you go.

As a rule of thumb, whatever the temperature feels like outside with the wind chill factor, you should add about 15 degrees to it. That sum represents how you’ll perceive the temperature as you run.

A sensible winter outfit has removable layers, and it includes a long-sleeve shirt and high-quality leggings like those made by Teeki and Nux. In addition, you should have a second set of clothes ready so you can change immediately after you finish your run.

Extreme cold calls for indoor runs. When you’re going to run inside, try putting on tank tops, shirts and pants that are antimicrobial. You can wear those items a few times before you have to wash them. Lightweight microfiber is also optimal for indoor running attire.

Remember that, wherever you’re running, your clothing should be close-fitting but not so tight that it restricts your movements or causes chafing. The fabric shouldn’t bunch up, either.

In the Heat

During the summer, a tank top and shorts from a trusted label like Jala, Onzie or Vestem are the best choices. Choose clothes that are full of pores; they’ll breathe and circulate air effectively.

It’s important throughout the year and especially in warm weather to avoid cotton. Instead, opt for synthetic fabrics that can wick moisture away. Tech fabrics can be ideal.

Further, running socks that support your feet while flicking away sweat will help you avoid heat-related blistering.

In Between

On temperate days, especially during the spring and autumn, you’ll probably only want one layer. What should that layer consist of?

Well, you should do some experimenting to see what feels most comfortable. On mild days, you might prefer long-sleeve shirts, T-shirts or tank tops, and you’ll obviously have to choose between pants and shorts. Stick with those breathable, moisture-wicking materials, and you should be in good shape.

As a word of caution, no matter what time of year it is, you ought to wear sunglasses. Sunlight can damage your eyes during any month.

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As you embark upon glorious runs throughout the winter, summer, spring and fall, may you always look as fabulous as you feel, and vice versa.