4 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are stretchy pants created for easy, free-flowing movement during activities such as yoga, Pilates or other physically strenuous activities. They’re all the rage these days, for more than just workouts! Many women have taken to wearing these pants for a wide variety of casual occasions. But how much do you really know about yoga pants? Here’s a short collection of facts about yoga pants you may not have known.

Yoga Pants Are High Tech

The evolution of yoga pants is real. Although many may believe all yoga pants are created equal, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Superior quality leggings now have features such as moisture wicking to reduce sweating, hidden pockets to help trendy yogis on the go carry important trinkets, and some may even be rip or tear proof! In other words, yoga pants are no longer just pants, they are now becoming a functional part of the workout process. In fact, sites such as YogaClub have taken yoga-related apparel to the next level. YogaClub is the premier Athleisure apparel company, carrying superior brands and premium styles for less.

Yoga Pants are Flattering

In addition, one of the main reasons many women love yoga pants is because they are very flattering for figures of all kinds. With an array of styles, each of which helps accentuate your curves while holding the jiggly areas in place, these pants hug you in all the right places and accentuate your curves to boot. For instance, Nux is an athletic brand that prides itself on creating high-quality athletic gear to be work both while working out and during everyday life.

Yoga Pants are Eco-Friendly

There are new, eco-friendly styles from brands like Teeki, Vesteem and Niyama Sol being introduced regularly into YogaClub’s subscription service. With a variety of styles and monthly bundles offered, signing up for YogaClub is an excellent way to gain access to a wide variety of yoga pants styles including the more ethical ones.

For instance, Teeki is an environmentally conscious brand that makes yoga pants from recycled water bottles. Another brand, Vestem, is a very young brand with the goal of revolutionizing yoga apparel. Taking their cues from high fashion, Vestem also makes yoga-inspired skirts, dresses, jackets and full-body jumpsuits. Moreover, Manduka is a trusted brand that has been in existence for 20 years. In addition to highly trendy yoga gear, the company prides itself on being incredibly environmentally friendly and uses recycled materials, such as 100 percent biodegradable natural tree rubber, recycled water bottles, recycled foam, natural cork and more.

Yoga Pants are High Fashion

Additionally, Yoga pants have become high fashion. For instance, Manduka is an example of a massively successful Athleisure brand and has been considered a trailblazer in the yoga industry. On the flip side, up and coming companies such as Vestem are on the cutting-edge, providing fashion forward designs of all kinds. Moreover, brands such as Jala, are also bringing high fashion to Athleisure. Providing premium products all while remaining an eco-friendly organization, Jala prides itself on making workout clothes that are feminine, functional, and fashionable. Onzie is a brand that carries functional, flexible, and flattering gear that promotes mindfulness and simplicity.

How to Join YogaClub

The process is easy. Simply go to the site, take the style quiz, and watch the trendy yoga threads roll in! Additionally, your outfits will be delivered right to your doorstep, you’ll never pay full price, and you can cancel anytime. Ready to join? Namaste.