Looking Great and Feeling Fine in Rain or Snow or Bright Sunshine: A Guide to Seasonal Running Clothes

If you love to run, you’re probably not going to let freezing conditions, a heat wave or anything else stop you from lacing up and hitting the road. Even so, different types of weather and different times of the year call for different running clothes. The advice below may help you decide what to wear as soon as you check out the latest forecast.

In the Cold

If you live someplace that gets frigid during the winter, you’ll obviously want warm apparel, but you won’t want it to be too warm. That’s because you’ll be generating plenty of body heat — and sweat — as you go.

As a rule of thumb, whatever the temperature feels like outside with the wind chill factor, you should add about 15 degrees to it. That sum represents how you’ll perceive the temperature as you run.

A sensible winter outfit has removable layers, and it includes a long-sleeve shirt and high-quality leggings like those made by Teeki and Nux. In addition, you should have a second set of clothes ready so you can change immediately after you finish your run.

Extreme cold calls for indoor runs. When you’re going to run inside, try putting on tank tops, shirts and pants that are antimicrobial. You can wear those items a few times before you have to wash them. Lightweight microfiber is also optimal for indoor running attire.

Remember that, wherever you’re running, your clothing should be close-fitting but not so tight that it restricts your movements or causes chafing. The fabric shouldn’t bunch up, either.

In the Heat

During the summer, a tank top and shorts from a trusted label like Jala, Onzie or Vestem are the best choices. Choose clothes that are full of pores; they’ll breathe and circulate air effectively.

It’s important throughout the year and especially in warm weather to avoid cotton. Instead, opt for synthetic fabrics that can wick moisture away. Tech fabrics can be ideal.

Further, running socks that support your feet while flicking away sweat will help you avoid heat-related blistering.

In Between

On temperate days, especially during the spring and autumn, you’ll probably only want one layer. What should that layer consist of?

Well, you should do some experimenting to see what feels most comfortable. On mild days, you might prefer long-sleeve shirts, T-shirts or tank tops, and you’ll obviously have to choose between pants and shorts. Stick with those breathable, moisture-wicking materials, and you should be in good shape.

As a word of caution, no matter what time of year it is, you ought to wear sunglasses. Sunlight can damage your eyes during any month.

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As you embark upon glorious runs throughout the winter, summer, spring and fall, may you always look as fabulous as you feel, and vice versa.