What to Wear to Feel Comfortable and Confident in Your First Barre Class

If you’re considering trying out a barre class, you’re not alone. This trendy ballet-inspired workout appeals to everyone from yogis and dancers to walkers and runners. That’s probably because this low-impact exercise combines Pilates, ballet and yoga moves into a workout that sculpts and lengthens the muscles. If that sounds like a class you’re interested in trying, your next step is figuring out what to wear to the first session. Here’s what you need to know before you show up to your first barre class!

Yoga Pants

Barre experts recommend that you wear pants, not shorts, to barre class. This is because you might be using a tube or ball around your legs during the workout, and you’ll need the grip that pants will provide during those moves. Another reason to cover your legs is to keep your muscles warm, which can increase the effectiveness of your workout and reduce the chance of injury. Yoga pants or capris are perfect for the job. If you need to boost your collection of cute, comfortable athletic pants, you can sign up with YogaClub to get a new pair of yoga pants monthly! This subscription service makes it easy for you to enter your size and style preferences, and then you can get everything from one pair of yoga pants to a three-piece outfit every month, all for 60% off retail prices. Sign up before barre class so you can start building your collection of athletic apparel soon.

Sports Bra

A sports bra is a staple of your workout outfit no matter what type of exercise you’re doing, and barre class is no different. However, since most of the movements in barre are very subtle and small, the sports bra doesn’t have to be the most supportive one you own. As long as it’s comfortable enough to wear while you sweat, you’re good. And if you do sign up with YogaClub, note that two of the packages offer complete outfits, meaning you could get a new sports bra each month.


Most people who take barre classes opt to layer a shirt over their sports bra, with a form-fitting tank top being the most popular choice. Choose a shirt with moisture-wicking material to help you stay cool and comfy during the workout. Some barre enthusiasts also wear a lightweight pullover to class, at least during the warmup at the beginning, since the studio may be cold. This may not be the case for your studio, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared, so consider bringing a long-sleeved shirt or pullover just in case. When you sign up for the Karma or Guru monthly box at YogaClub, you’ll get one or two new tops per month to wear to barre class, ensuring you’re always prepared for your next workout.


While some studios allow bare feet or regular socks, most encourage people to wear socks with grips on the bottom. This can keep your feet from slipping off the barre, and of course, it can also help you avoid slipping on the floor. If your YogaClub box doesn’t contain socks this month, you can probably buy some from the studio you go to for your barre class, since many studios sell them.

Now that you know what to wear to barre class, make sure you have enough workout clothes ready to go. After all, barre is known for being downright addicting, so you’re going to need plenty of yoga pants and tops prepared for your classes. YogaClub makes that easy, so sign up today and then fill out the style quiz to get started!