Why I Like YogaClub Better than Fab Fit Fun

Comparing Subscription Boxes: YogaClub vs. Fab Fit Fun


I just received my second YogaClub box in the mail and I absolutely loved my outfit and this subscription service! The style and the quality of the clothing is incredible and I definitely recommend it. I’ve tried other subscription boxes in the past, like Fab Fit Fun and this one tops them all. The style and quality of the apparel I’ve received in my YogaClub box is amazing, and the best part is that you receive it every single month instead of having to wait each season!


What was in my box?


  • A bright pair of leggings. These are so cute and the design and style of these is exactly what I was hoping for. This pair is more of a capri length and I love the fun design and colors.
  • The next thing in my box made me so excited— a sports bra! I really need sports bras and this army green one is amazing. The strap detail on this particular bra is so cute and pairs nicely with the leggings!
  • The final item in my box was this breathable t-shirt. It’s a little sheer on the front and the back is like a netting that would be so perfect for letting your skin breathe during your workout. You can also see the bra through the back of the top which is just an added bonus!

Why I love YogaClub


I loved this box and thanks to YogaClub my yoga wardrobe is growing! I’ve only had one other subscription service before, Fab Fit Fun. My recommendation if you have to choose between the two is to go with YogaClub. Here’s why:

  • You’re getting a hand curated outfit every single month that’s completely personalized to your style!
  • There are three different packages to choose from so you can decide how much clothes you want to receive each month.
  • It’s great for people who are active or really consistent with their workouts because you’re getting apparel that’s perfect for fitness!
  • YogaClub has amazing brands featured in their box. Everything I’ve gotten has been great quality and my last box even included a pair of pants made from recycled water bottles. How cool is that?
  • Did I mention the lower prices? YogaClub’s prices are amazing!

And to compare YogaClub with Fab Fit Fun, the other fitness subscription box I’ve tried. With Fab Fit Fun you’re only getting a box every three months and it isn’t customized to you or your style. I didn’t really like getting a bunch of products that I didn’t end up using. Plus you don’t get a box every month. Definitely something to consider when you’re selecting a subscription box.


I highly recommend YogaClub box because you’re getting great quality clothing! I really enjoyed taking the style quiz on their website and getting something totally customized for me. With YogaClub box you’re getting exactly what you want, when you want it!


For more info on YogaClub, check out my last video here,