Fitness Subscription Box Comparison: Fabletics vs. YogaClub

With so many options in activewear out there, making a decision can be really overwhelming. You can go to a department store, athletic speciality store, or opt for the world of online shopping. There’s no doubt that shopping online is the easiest way to go, especially when you can find apparel for lower prices.

Today, we decided to explore two of the biggest names in online activewear and give you a side-by-side comparison at Fabletics and YogaClub. While both companies offer active apparel and follow the monthly subscription model, they’re actually quite different. To fully dive in, we looked at the specific differences between the clothing and experiences of the two leading activewear subscription boxes.  

Fabletics v YogaClub

First, let’s talk experience.

Let’s start with Fabletics — they totally suck you in with their crazy good deals — like two pairs of leggings for $24. How is that actually possible? Well you get what you pay for, but we’ll get into that later. To get started with Fabletics, you take a style quiz. It’s six questions and takes less than a minute to complete. Now, that’s great for time saving, but it doesn’t really customize the experience to you.

So when it comes down to it, Fabletics is more like your typical online retail experience (and doesn’t that defeat the whole point of a subscription box…to save you time and money?). To actually save any money, you have to join Fabletics’ VIP program which automatically charges you for your “membership” each month — whether you purchase clothing or not. And, that can be a real challenge because Fabletics launches new clothing each month. We found that more often than not, those styles just didn’t fit our preferences or we logged in too late each month and all the cute ones were taken. It’s like getting stuck with the bill at a restaurant when all you ate and drank was water and free bread.

With YogaClub we found the process really simple and easy. The savings we were attracted to were the real deal. With all their packages, the math adds up to about 60% off retail value. You can choose a leggings only package (The Mantra) for $45, a two-piece outfit (The Karma) for $69 or a three-piece outfit (The Guru) for $79. You can sign up for a monthly, seasonal or even bi-monthly box, so you can get new workout clothes based on your budget and when you need them (or the workout inspiration) most!

The YogaClub experience began with the style quiz. It takes a few minutes to complete, but is very thorough — down to what patterns you love and where you like to wear your activewear! From there, you put all the work into the very capable stylists’ hands. So instead of wasting time trying to pick things out, you can rest easy and know you’ve got brand names selected just for you on the way!

The Workout Gear

Now let’s get onto the good stuff — the products. Since you’re spending good money to receive yoga apparel, you want it to work for you and your favorite workouts.

On Fabletics’ site, you can search based on the types of workouts you do most. But to be honest, we didn’t see much diversity in apparel. And, the clothing itself was pretty stiff and thick material. Not great for hot yoga or running (two of the advertised activities)! The other major issue we had with Fabletics’ products was the inconsistency in sizing. We can totally get behind inconsistent sizing for subscription boxes when it’s a mixture of brands that have different sizes themselves — like Stitch Fix, Wantable and YogaClub. The fact that Fabletics has inconsistent sizing is just baffling! It’s all the same brand, how does that even happen? Every month they release new styles and patterns which is great, but as we mentioned above we always felt that we were just too late in the game to get the ones we liked in our sizes.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 9.54.18 AM

With YogaClub, the products completely vary. And, they vary because they’ve got relationships and partnerships with tons of amazing brands in the fitness industry. We’re talking Free People, Teeki, Onzie, Electric & Rose, Varley, Gaiam, and more. So you know you’re getting the quality that you need (and usually pay top dollar for). The style quiz you take asks what types of clothing you love as well as what activities you’ll use them for. They use that data to hand curate an outfit for you with the brands mentioned above (and more). The result is a really awesome outfit that you don’t see everyone else in the gym wearing! And it’s totally personalized. The other great thing about YogaClub is the fact that we’ve tried tons of new-to-us brands that we’ve only seen in the studio or Nordstrom rack, but not purchased because of the price tag. Getting great quality yoga apparel at more than 60 percent off retail value is totally worth it.

Customer Service

Before we close our our comparison, we wanted to touch on a point that’s really important to us — customer service. While great service is a must in all industries, it seems to be even more important when it comes to subscription services. When you have a subscription service, you need to have a relationship with the brand because let’s face it — it’s a commitment!

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 9.45.00 AMWith Fabletics we struggled to get a human being on the phone to answer our questions, let alone cancel our subscription! The ease of cancellation was what really put us over the edge with this one, especially since those charges of $49 just kept coming. YogaClub on the other hand was a totally different experience. While you do have to call them to cancel (instead of emailing for security purposes), it was really easy to get in touch with the team. Exchanges are free and super easy, plus we really felt like we were listened to! The customer service team make it really simple to make size changes and even adapted our order based on our sizing in specific brands.

The Verdict

If you’re going to invest the money in a fitness subscription box, go for YogaClub. It’s well worth the money because you’re getting incredible brand names at a fraction of the cost! You’re also getting the value of a personal stylist who handpicks the clothing just for you. And as an incredible bonus, every single box YogaClub delivers provides a yoga class for a child in a low-income school. What’s not to love?

  • Erin Creeks

    You brought up some really good points. My issue is always sizing and material so this is good to know.