5 Reasons Why You Need New Yoga Pants

Maybe you’ve finally gone and bought yoga pants, but you stopped after buying after just a single basic pair. Well, it’s time to get back out there and buy another pair … or five! That’s because as it turns out, every woman needs more than one simple pair of yoga pants. Most could benefit from having a wide selection of quality yoga pants to choose from, and here’s why.

1. You Don’t Need See-Through Pants

We’ve all seen those embarrassing photos of people who seem to have no idea their ultra thin pants are totally see-through in the back. The fact is that this is always a risk with discount brands. But if you get the right pair, it’s not a problem, because they’re made with high-quality, reliable material that will get you through the day (or yoga practice) without accidentally showing too much. Once you try out a good pair, you’ll want five more that fit just like it!

2. Plain Black Pants Are Boring

Gone are the days when yoga pants were always basic and black. Now there are so many options for colors and patterns that you never have to wear plain back again (if you don’t want to). So if your only pair of yoga pants is plain black and boring, it’s time to mix up your wardrobe with a few new pairs of leggings featuring bright colors and fun patterns.

3. Yoga Pants Are the New Jeans

It’s true; many women have ditched denim for yoga pants. And why not? Just like jeans, there are enough styles and colors to satisfy everyone’s legging preferences. Plus, yoga pants are now just as accepted in public as jeans are. You can usually get away with wearing them to the store, work, the gym and of course yoga class. You can also wear them to lounge around the house or even take a nap. Basically, anything you can do in jeans, you can do in yoga pants. Plus you can work out — which, let’s face it, you probably don’t want to try in jeans!

4. They’re Just Plain Comfortable

Yoga pants are pretty much the only pants you can wear that fit perfectly every single day of the month. Sure, they fit great when you’ve had a really on-point workout week and you aren’t bloated in the least. But what’s even better is that they look and feel equally great on Thanksgiving…or basically after any day when you’ve ditched your workout in favor of foods that might make you bloated. That’s why every woman needs a few pairs of yoga pants she can wear with confidence any day of the month.

5. They Can Be Styled in Many Ways

Yoga pants go with pretty much everything, which is why they’re acceptable to wear anywhere you go. Styling your yoga pants is easy. If you’re going to the gym, pair them with a stretchy athletic top, a sports bra or a simple T-shirt. If you’re going somewhere that requires you to dress a little more conservatively — such as work or lunch with grandma — cover your butt with a tunic. And if it’s cold outside and you want to be comfortable, wear a yoga sweater with your yoga pants. Your options are endless.

By now it might be obvious that with all these benefits of yoga pants, you definitely need more than one pair! You need several high-quality pairs, and you can easily get them when you sign up for YogaClub. Just choose whether you want one, two or three pieces of yoga attire shipped to you every month, and then fill out the style quiz so you get items you can proudly wear anywhere you go!