Work Out & Look Sharp in Athleisure

You live a busy life and are always on the go. Between juggling commitments at school, work, family or any combination of the three, finding time to workout can be tough. Not to mention all the stuff you you need to carry with you! Don’t get bogged down by another bag with your workout clothes, try another solution.

Enter athleisure wear, a forward-thinking fashion trend that combines functionality with comfort and fashion. Gone are the unflattering jazzercise outfits of yesterday. Here to stay are innovative materials perfect for movement and designs made to express your style, wherever life takes you.

Why Athleisure

As the business environment changes, so too does your wardrobe. Shifting work patterns and increased use of remote work, along with a steady relaxation of stuffy corporate wear dress codes, have led to the rise of what Deirdre Clemente, a professor specializing in fashion history at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, tells Business Insider is a “hybrid” of the usual business casual wear and athletic apparel. What’s driving this new fashion category? According to Forbes, it’s millennials who are responsible, in large part, for both the shift in the workplace leading to more informal dress codes and the larger cultural shift in American society toward increased activity and greater health consciousness.

It’s about more than just being comfy at work or showing up to a meeting in sweats. From yoga pants to hoodies to leggings and everything in-between, the all-purpose leisurewear of today has to be multi-functional and fashionable. Your gear should transition seamlessly from the office to the gym to the trail! Fortunately, many retailers have risen to the challenge. Athleisure manufacturers offer unique solutions to millennials’ demand for clothing that not only looks and feels good, but which is economically and environmentally responsible, too.

Our Favorite Activewear Brands

One such brand is Teeki. Featuring flattering and eye-catching activewear, all made from recycled water bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills and oceans. What’s more, Teeki foregoes traditional cloth dyeing, which accounts for up to 20 percent of industrial water pollution. Instead, their printing method uses 90 percent less water, all without risk of contamination.

Speaking of brands committed to sustainable and responsible fashion, meet Threads 4 Thought. Although it launched in 2007 with a small assortment of eco-friendly T-shirts, the company has evolved into what its founders call a “full lifestyle brand” devoted to changing the clothing industry through the use of toxin-free dyes and materials consisting of organic cotton, recycled polyester and sustainable beech wood.

Manduka, has long been one of the most respected players in the yoga accessories game, but now offers amazing apparel, too. Manduka designs all of its products with sustainability top of mind. The brand aims for minimal waste and as small an environmental impact as possible. Manduka makes its clothing from organic cotton, hemp and sustainable wood products like Tencel and Modal Sun, the latter of which even offers sun protection.

Try These Athleisure Brands Yourself!

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