How Cute, Bright Exercise Clothes Improve Your Workouts

Plain black yoga pants go with everything, which makes them convenient. But at the same time, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut where you’re always wearing all black — or gray — yoga outfits. Before you know it, you’re starting to feel as “blah” as your outfit, and that feeling doesn’t get you to the gym. That’s why it’s time to change it up with pretty, new workout clothes. Not only do they make you feel better about yourself, but they actually motivate you to work out more, which of course leads to even more confidence and improved fitness. Basically, you can’t go wrong with a new workout wardrobe! Here’s why.

Nice Workout Clothes Motivate You to Get to the Gym

You’ve probably heard the phrase “dress for the job you want.” Well, it turns out that applies to working out, too — and it’s even backed up with studies. Thanks to the enclothed cognition concept, people actually think differently depending on the clothes they wear. So, when you put on sweatpants and an oversized shirt, you’re more likely to sit on your couch and watch TV than go out and be productive. And when you put on cute exercise gear, you’re more likely to go work out! That’s why you should make sure you always have access to adorable activewear. A subscription service like YogaClub makes that possible, since you can get entire outfits carefully curated for you when you choose the Karma or Guru box.

Bright Colors and Interesting Patterns Boost Your Energy

Clearly, new workout clothes are a must, but don’t buy just anything. Try to stick to bright colors and fun patterns for best results. That’s because the color of your clothes affects your mood. In particular, bright hues can improve your energy and even boost your confidence. After all, when you have cute clothes in fun patterns, you want to get out there and show them off, not stay home. So the next time you get a pretty pink sports bra from Vestem or mermaid print yoga pants from Teeki, you’ll have that extra boost of motivation you need to get to the gym. And you’ll feel confident enough to stay for the whole workout session you planned!

Bright Colors Could Be Safer to Wear Outside

If you plan to exercise outside, wearing bright colors is recommended. Whether you’re walking, jogging or riding a bike outdoors, you want to be visible to drivers, especially at night. But even during the day, bright workout clothes are far easier for people to see than neutral shades, allowing people to see you even out of the corner of their eye as they drive. So now you have yet another reason to stock up on workout gear in your favorite bright color! Onzie is just one popular brand that has fun, flirty patterns you’ll love, and you have a chance to get this brand’s clothing sent to your doorstep if you sign up for YogaClub.

So now you should be ready to stock up on cute, bright workout gear, but where’s the best place to find some? Well, it’s as easy as signing up for YogaClub and then filling out a style quiz to ensure you get yoga apparel that will help you feel confident during every workout. Sign up today and get ready to see the benefits of always having workout clothes you’ll be proud to rock.

Are You Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra? 7 Things the Perfect Sports Bra Must Have

We all love a good sports bra — but does your sports bra love you back? Keep reading to find out if your sports bra truly adds up to Zen perfection for your practice, or if it’s time for an upgrade!

Stay-Put Power

You know how some sports bras start creeping out of place the minute you and “the girls” sink into a really satisfying downward dog? The perfect sports bra will fit like a second skin, with body-hugging compression that holds everything in place, no matter how acro you’re going.

Just-Right Support

The best sports bras provide just-right support for your flavor of fun. If you’re going for a long run, you might make a case for squeezing into a serious compression bra. Yet for other high-intensity activities like cycling, inline skating and even swimming, a supportive yoga bra can hold everything in place and look great doing it.

Universal Wear

We multi-task all day, every day — so why would you expect anything less from a sports bra? The very best sports bras will wick sweat and dry quickly enough to stand up to the hottest Bikram class and be cute enough to wear for a stroll in the sun. We especially like the sports bras and other active apparel from Onzie, because they’re tough enough to stand up to saltwater and chlorine — so you can zip straight from the yoga studio to the swimming pool or beach, or vice versa, without having to change.

Flatter Every Body Type

Who says you have to look like a fitness model to work out in a sports bra? The best clothing companies provide a variety of styles that will make every body look and feel fabulous, from one-piece yoga wear to the ultimate in cute, strappy sports bras in fun prints and bold colors. Here’s a pro tip: We love the way that Nux’s leggings keep elastic out of the waistbands, helping avoid that unflattering spillover look that can happen to anybody if your leggings squeeze you too tight.

A Conscience

Your sports bras should be just as enlightened as you are. We love pioneering brands that are made either right here in the USA or by ethical, totally sweatshop-free companies around the world. Of particular note, Teeki makes their stylish, comfortable clothing from recycled plastic bottles and uses an eco-friendly printing process to reduce waste from textile dyeing, which the World Bank estimates is responsible for up to 20 percent of industrial water pollution worldwide. We also love Manduka, which uses raw natural fibers whenever possible and uses recycled plastic water bottles in much of its clothing line.

Totally Seamless

Okay, sometimes we do need just a few seams for the perfect fit and support — but when you do slip into a totally seamless sports bra, it feels like heaven! Seam-free construction from top companies like Nux and Free People means you don’t have to worry about making awkward adjustments to avoid the chafe, no matter how sweaty your hot flow is getting.

A Personality That Matches Yours

Who wants a drab sports bra that has to be hidden under your clothing? The best yoga wear is sleek enough to hide out under clothes when you need it to, but comes in such bold colors and flattering styles that you’ll find yourself hunting for excuses to lose your shirt and show off that sports bra. Two ultra-exciting brands we’re currently in love with are the SoCal-inspired Jala, which focuses on yoga clothing that is feminine, fashionable and functional, and the Brazilian brand Vestem, which combines high fashion with the special sensuality of Brazilian styles.

Does your sports bra need an upgrade? You can get all of the ethical and comfortable and good-looking yoga brands mentioned here from YogaClub. Join YogaClub today and they’ll deliver the perfect sports bras and other seriously cute yoga wear straight to your door every month!